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Wade: Oh god,I’m in too deep.

Peter: What?

Wade: N-Nothing! Let’s go,uh, slingshot stuff at squirrels, yeah! Or um, whatever it is normal children do! I was totally listening!


Continuation to [this one].

Sorry for crappy quality (both in essence and form) I needed a break.

(oh god please don’t let it become another quietersideofbullerbyn sort of thing >.<)


Since my enthusiasm over Supernatural isn’t getting any better I think I found myself new outlet to draw things that make no sense at all but at least are cute (I really, really hope so).






"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".

Steve/Bucky/Natasha/Sam #1


ship + # and i’ll write a fic

steve spends his days counting numbers.

he gets lost in math, forgets that there’s a world outside of the classroom, the chair in the library, and coffee.

eventually, he’s encountered by faces.

faces and numbers don’t go together -

something changes.

his best friend kisses the redhead in their upper level geology course on the third wednesday in october. she laughs and her smile is bright, lips curled teeth crooked and stained but beautiful. natasha has the widest smile of them all.

sam is there too, and they don’t say anything, but they do wonder.

steve stargazes with sam as part of an assignment for a class they have; an astronomy class that’s steve’s first. he tries to forget about numbers but ends up counting the stars and the birthmarks he makes out on sam’s skin.

sam kisses steve on the roof of their dorm at midnight on november second.

steve remembers. he tries to stop counting the flecks in sam’s eyes.

natasha is twenty-three, two years older than bucky and a year older than steve and sam. she takes dance classes every wednesday and steve, sam, and bucky crowd around the doorway to watch her. she doesn’t wear tutus and none of them laugh on the occasion that she does. her arms seem longer, more graceful than when she’s running across campus with her long red hair whipping behind her.

sam whispers, “she’s beautiful,” and bucky looks at him, before narrowing his eyes. then he sees steve and he smiles, and everything steve was ever afraid of washes away.

steve had always thought of collision as scientific, and he has a difficult time imagining how they end up…as them. a group. four people who aren’t constantly at each other’s sides - but.

but. that’s where it always seems to stop.

and bucky and natasha and sam have matching tattoos, and steve’s heart races.

he’s sitting in the chair, natasha’s carressing his knuckles, sam and bucky are murmuring to each other in the lobby and the guy with tattoos up his arms says “are ya ready?”

and steve braces himself, and looks at the gloved hand on his arm. natasha lets go of his hand and steve watches the artist pen ink into his skin, two small loops on his wrist.

steve doesn’t believe in anything like soulmates, people who are destined, because the myth usually describes situations where two souls meet and become one in separate bodies, but with them - it’s the closest word he can find.



"C-change him back - this wasn’t the mission"



After drawing this - this picture felt necessary

"You take one goddamn picture, Stark, and there won’t be a body to find."

"Barnes, I’m wounded! And also: You’re a wet blanket. This is adorable, look at how cute he is! All smushed up against you like a proper rug-rat."

Bucky’s face twisted into what was possibly the most disgruntled expression Tony had ever seen, which was a feat in and of its self. Seriously. He thought Pepper was the Queen and Divine Ruler of that expression but, man…

"He cries if I try to put him down."

That explained the defeated sprawl Bucky’d taken up over the couch in the entertainment room, still in full gear. Toddler Steve was curled up against his chest, asleep and resolutely drooling on the body armor of the Winter Soldier. Tony had never wanted photographic proof of something so badly in all his life. He pulled out his phone and started to fiddle with it, nonchalantly firing off a text to JARVIS.

"You know, you could just let him cry. Steve’s a big boy, I’m sure he’ll understand."

Wow. If Bucky had looked displeased before, he was downright pissed now.

"Or not. I mean, this is totally the better option here, letting him drool all over your equipment while getting a crick in your neck. That’ll all wash out in no time."

casual reminder that a mcu random pairing/kink generator exists for anyone thirsty for plotbunnies







Fandral/Bruce Banner (The Hulk) - Non-consensual sex & Undressing


Bruce Banner (The Hulk)/Peggy Carter - Massage & Sex in vehicles


Loki/James ‘Bucky’ Barnes - Gender Play & Mechanical/Technological

Well, that seems like a given.

See, yours makes sense.

"Dr. Erik Selvig/Alexander Pierce - Friction/frottage & Dub-con"

…no no no no no bAD WRONG

lets try that again

"Nick Fury/Maria Hill - Cuddling & Celibacy"

…are there only two settings on this thing? BADWRONG or cutefluff? o.0



Raleigh looking at Mako

#to fight monsters we created soulmates

sometimes i think about mako’s reaction this this whole situation (the bilingual stubbly supportive golden retriever situation) and i laugh and laugh and laugh because if anyone has mused on the many consequences on drift partnership it’s mako mori being as it pretty much informs her ENTIRE LIFE even if she didn’t want to be a pilot ‘more than anything’ it’s still the underlying relationship of every important person in her life the good (tams and stacks) the bad (hansens v1.0) and the ugly (hansens v2.0) all her friends are either part of a drift pairing or study drift pairing or work to facilitate drift pairings’ safe to say she’s read up on the subject and she KNOWS to pilot Danger she has to pair up and she KNOWS if this unseen becket person is being brought in that he’s going to be her drift partner and just considering all the possibile styles of human that she’s prepared to accept in order to pilot and this guy turns up? it’s like the universe said ok mako we know we’ve given you a bad deal: the world kind of ended before you really got a chance to enjoy it and then we took your parents and then we gave your new dad a terminal illness so yeah fair enough you’re heavy in the minus column but here WE GOT YOU A PRESENT HE’S BRAVE AND TRUE AND LOVES YOU LIKE THE SUN MOON AND STARS TOGETHER AND HE’S TALL AND WELL-SHAPED AND HE’S A LITTLE BIT BROKEN BUT STILL GOOD YEAH STILL GOOD (and oh. no. now i’ve created an AU where mako is stitch claiming her little broken stacker and raleigh family don’t look at me) (oh noooooooooo) (tags from harrietvane)